Welcome to BlueTeamSec!


Welcome to BlueTeamSec. A forum designed for cyber security professionals, students or hobbyists, interested in the defensive element of cyber security. This is a new forum, with a limited user base and posts, but together, I am sure that this will become a thriving community!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why BlueTeamSec?

I have found over the start of my career that the blue team is somewhat of a niche in security. Although there is now an abundance of resource for offensive security, defensive seems, at least to me, to be restricted in terms of the amount of content available. There are plenty of great, active communities for offensive security, I thought it was about time the defenders get one too.

Who is it for?

Anyone! From students, hardened vets of the blue team, to someone who just stumbled across this site googling about blue-teaming. And of course this site is not just limited to blue team! Without knowing how to hack, defending can be difficult. Anyone is welcome, experiences in blue, purple and red will benefit us all.

What’s on this site?

Right now, the site is in its infancy. I am hoping that the site will house great conversations about defending networks against attackers, house a trove of tools, personal projects, intelligence & more. The idea is to share information and pool our resources together to create the best defensive security forum on the internet.

If you have feedback for us, make sure to use the feedback category. We would love to know ways of improving the site to suit everyone’s needs.

Where should I go first?

Take a look at our many categories and see what takes your fancy. We have plenty of places to start from SIEM rules, intelligence to malware analysis.

Where can I get started with Defensive Security?

Take a look at our first Wiki, a repository for links into the world of defensive security.